Additional Services

Data Entry
• Convert your manuscript—handwritten or typewritten—into digital formats. Our Data Entry services include Transcription packages to get your book done more efficiently.

Hardback Upgrade
• We will convert your book from paperback or e-book into a hardcover edition.

E-book Format Availability
• We will convert your paperback or hardcover into a professionally formatted e-book version.

Paperback Format Availability
• From an e-book version, our digital layout artists will convert it to paperback format.

Book Returnability Program
• We work with Ingram Book Company to make your book returnable when displayed in most bookstores.

Copyright Registration Service
• Let us deal with the process of copyright registration so you can concentrate on your responsibilities as an author. We will handle the paperwork and legal procedures to have your book copyrighted and protected.

• We have a team dedicated to processing your book’s International Standard Book Number (ISBN). An ISBN will allow you access to marketing tools that can help sell your book.

Pre-Assigned Control Number
• GoToPublish is a qualified US-based publisher that is eligible for a pre-assigned control number (PCN) from the Library of Congress. PCN will help in cataloging and other processes that will link your book to libraries, book retailers, and bibliographic utilities. This service is included in all our publishing packages free of charge.


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